Water Softener service repairs maintenance Cambridge

Water Softener service repairs maintenance Cambridge

Clack WS1 Duplex water softener installed in CambridgeWater Softener repairs and servicing work carried out in Cambridge is an important part of the maintenance programme for keeping your soft water system in good condition, and working order. This will save on the replacement of expensive parts.

To make sure your domestic or commercial softeners are working correctly, it is important that regular water softener maintenance and repairs are carried out. This will ensure that your soft water system is kept in good working order, and can prevent the need for major break downs. With most commercial customers in Cambridge, we normally carry out a regular service, as part of a preventative maintenance programme. With a commercial water softener, there are always repairs and maintenance work that are required. It is necessary to have regular maintenance work carried out, this is normally every 6 months to a year, depending on the size and the use of the softener. This can be quite beneficial in keeping the softener system in good working order, any replacement parts that might be required can be fitted preventing a major breakdown. This is good thing with regular maintenance and repairs carried out on service intervals

Aquadial Prismertec water softener serviced CambridgeHaving been involved in the repair and maintenance of domestic and commercial water softener systems in Cambridge for many years, it is always important to keep lots of different softener repair kits and parts in my van. There are always times when you need to order those extra parts that you thought you had in stock, this can be quite a challenge at times, as there are quite a few makes of softeners in the market place these days. A Softener used for commercial and industrial applications, usually require parts that are quite expensive, due to the complexity of some systems, these parts are not always in stock, so it may be necessary to make temporary repairs until new parts can be obtained.

Aquadial Prismertec water softener CambridgeIt can also be a good time when carrying out regular softener repairs on commercial units, to take the softener valve head off of the resin tank, this will allow you to check the condition of the resin. This can be a very important, as some areas in Cambridgeshire have high levels of residual chlorine in the water supply, chlorine makes the resin go mushy and restricts the flow of water coming out of the softener outlet connection. I have found at times when carrying out regular softener repairs on a domestic or commercial water softener, sometimes the outlet flow has practically stopped due to the effects of chlorine. When flow rates are restricted due chlorine, the softener has to be re-bedded with new resin media. There are other maintenance problems that can occur with domestic or commercial softener, if the salty brine solution cannot be past through the resin bed, due to a malfunction of the valve, this will cause hard water problems, as the media bed needs the salty brine water to remove the build up of calcium and magnesium hardness.

Kinetico 2030 Mach commercial water softenerOne of the most important thing about your domestic or commercial softener, is the resin, a synthetic bead-like material composed of styrene and divinylbenzene. The individual media beads, each one less than 1/32 of an inch in diameter provide the sites where the exchange of ions actually happens. Cation resin beads attract and hold positively charged ions.


Old leaking Kinetico 2030 Mach water softener CambridgeThe picture to the left is a Kinetico Mach 2030s commercial water softener. We were carrying out some servicing and maintenance repairs on the water softener system. This was in a small hotel in Cambridge. The Kinetico water softener had a bad leaking resin vessel, a cracked upper distributor, which had allowed the resin to come out of the tank, this caused a blockage in  the hot water service pipes. We installed a new water softener, as it was not worth repairing the existing one. I am glad to say that the owners of the hotel in Cambridge would like us to carry out regular servicing and maintenance work to their water treatment systems.


How do water softeners work

I am often ask the question when l am carry out service repairs on a softener, for home owners. How do water softeners work, and what is the softener process to produce soft water. Some people think that the salt is what really softens the water, believe it or not, l have had people that have tipped a bag of salt in the cold water storage tank, thinking that now all of their hard water problems are over. There are several parts that make up the water softener. The control valve, programmer, a vessel filled with cation resin, and a salt tank. Hard water travels through the media at which time the calcium and magnesium ions that causes the hardness, are held to the media by ionic charge, its a bit like a magnet. After a given volume of water has past through the softener, the resin will need to be regenerated to continue making soft water.

How do water softeners work in the regeneration cycle

The water softener regeneration process is the act of removing the Calcium” Magnesium”  and other ions that cause Hard water. The elements are often referred to as hardness ions and can cause problems with your waters quality. What happens when a softener is in the regeneration mode. The first stage would normally be backwash, in this cycle raw water is introduced to lift up the resin bed ready for the brine draw cycle in which a salty brine solution from the salt tank is sucked up and passes through the resin bed, removing all of the hard water ions like Calcium and magnesium. The 3 cycle would be a rinse cycle, followed by a rapid rinse cycle, then a brine refill cycle, before returning back to the service position. Not all softeners go through the same regeneration process, some softeners will carry out the backwash at the end of the cycle, some water softeners carry out a proportional dosing of the resin based on data stored in the microprocessor. Each softener manufacturer will design the regeneration cycle based on their own softeners.

Aquadial water softener servicedThere has been an increasing numbers of people and companies using Potassium Chloride to regenerate softeners, this does not have the same concentration as salt, therefore anybody that has high blood pressure or heart disease can be sure that the water is unlikely to effect their health.

I have found in the long run, regular water softener repairs, serving and maintenance will save you money, time and the frustration of replacing expensive softener parts. For households and businesses in Cambridge that operate in hard water areas, the absence of annual or 6 monthly water softener repair and maintenance programme to your softener, can create costly repairs and bills for damaged to your plumbing system.

Water Softener service repairs maintenance Cambridge

Hard water users in Cambridge will pay three times the amount of money in soap and detergents used in their properties, and the damage caused by lime scale build up in pipe work etc. The reason for the extra soap cost is the effects of the hardness ions have on soaps and shampoos. The hardness ions actually deactivate the chemicals in the soap and decrease the products cleaning ability. Most hard water users never get any lather with their shampoos or soaps due to this deactivation process.

Dualflo Block salt water softener serviced

Water Softener service repairs maintenance Cambridge

Below is a Fleck 9000 SXT duplex water softener that has just been service. The maintenance and repairs are carried out every 6 months in a plant room in Cambridge.

Fleck 9000 SXT Duplex water softener Cambridge








Below is a Fleck 9000 electro mechanical metered controlled duplex water softener.  This commercial water softener supplies soft water to a busy kitchen, so it is necessary to have regular maintenance and service work carried out on the system. The maintenance and  service repairs are carried out every 6 months in Cambridge.

Fleck 9000 Duplex water softener Cambridge








Below is a Clack WS1 200Lt metered controlled commercial water softener.  This commercial water softener supplies soft water to student apartment block in central Cambridge. We carry out a maintenance and service contract on this water softener  every 6 months in Cambridge.

Clack WS1 200 Lt commercial water softener CambridgeFinally, getting rid of your hard water will save additional money in reduction of detergents you will no longer have to remove that hard lime scale build up that can be very stubborn to remove. In addition to the money spent on the detergents, a softener will save you time spent scrubbing and cleaning those stains away. To wash in soft water is so much nicer then hard water, your skin is left with its natural oils, rather then the hard water scum that irritates your skin. Hard water is one of the most common complaints of dry skin.

Written By Chris Camp Aquamaster Water Treatment Ltd

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