Hertfordshire water treatment services

Hertfordshire water treatment services is based near Cambridgeshire. We look after many customers in and around  Hertfordshire. We carry out all types of work within the water treatment industry for domestic or commercial water applications. This includes the following: Commercial water softeners, Duplex twin tank water softeners, Simplex single tank water softeners. Domestic water softeners, block salt non- electric water softeners,


Fleck 2510 SXT commercial water softener Barkingside Fleck 2510 SXT commercial water softener installed in Hertfordshire

Fleck 2510 SXT commercial water softener Peterborough Clack commercial water softener installed in Hertfordshire Commercial Fleck 9100 SXT Duplex water softener installed in Cambridgeshire

Hertfordshire water treatment services

Below is a picture of a Platinum Sterilight Ultra Violet sterillisation system. The ultra violet system was installed at a property in Hertfordshire.. This system will give protection  to the family from any bacteria in the well water. When private well water supplies contain micro-organisms that can be harmful to your health, ultra violet sterillisation is a very good way of killing bacteria, and can provide an economical method of treating the water. With well water or boreholes it is always a good idea to install a ultra violet system. This will be a safe guard against any bacteria that might be in the water, even if your water is free from bacteria now, that is no guarantee that your well water will stay that way.

Sterilight Ultra violet well water sterilisation system fitted in Hertfordshire

We  service and maintain commercial reverse osmosis systems, domestic reverse osmosis systems, water filtration systems, water filters, Well water treatment, Ultra violets filtration systems for well water, Bore hole water treatment, Nitrate removal systems, iron removal systems, PH adjusters for acid water. We also carry out service maintenance for domestic or commercial water softeners, domestic water softeners, and reverse osmosis systems.

The picture below is a  Fleck 30litre 5600 SXT model water softener. The water softener supplies soft water to 2 hot water calorifiers in a Laundry department.  We were call out to the company in Hertfordshire, as the salt tank was full of water, and overflowing on to the floor.  This problem was caused by a blocked injector valve assembly. After all the servicing work was carried out, the water softener was put into a full regeneration test cycle. On completion the water softener was left working normally, this was great news for the Laundry department, as they could continue to carry out their work.

Fleck 5600 SXT metered controlled system

The picture below is a Kinetico CP-216S OD. We were called out the other day to a company in Hertfordshire, they were having issues with hard water. The Kinetico CP-216 commercial water softener was not consistently giving soft water to the facility. Further investigations to the cause of the problem, revealed that the hard water meter disc was not set for the correct water hardness in this area. It was also necessary to set the float valve to the correct hight in the salt tank. I come across a lot of Kinetico water softeners that have float valves set incorrectly, or the salt tank is filled with granular salt, instead of tablet salt. Kinetico commercial water softeners can only use table salt, as granulated salt fills up the tube where the float valve is located, this stops the float valve from working.

Kinetico CP 216S OD commercial water softener Kinetico CP 216S OD Commercial water softener

Hertfordshire water treatment services

We carry out domestic or commercial water softener maintenance and servicing work in Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, and Norfolk. Here is a list of different location that we also carry out water softener service and maintenance work. Aquamaster Water Treatment Ltd supplies repair and service water softeners ,reverse osmosis systems in Boston, Buntingford, Bourne, Broxbourne, Bury St.Edmunds, Bishop’s Stortford, Bedford,Cambridge,Cheshunt, Corby, Duxford, Epping, Ely,  Gt.Dunmow, Gt.Amwell, Goffs Oak, Grantham, Holbeach,  Hunstanton, Heacham, Hertford, Harlow, Haverhill, Huntingdon, Hoddesdon, Kings Lynn, Market Deeping, Mildenhall, March,  Newmarket, Oundel, Oakham,  Peterborough, Royston, St.Ives, St.Neots, Soham,Saffron Walden, Stansted, Spalding, Stamford, Stanstead Abbotts, Thetford,  Wisbech, Ware, Waltham Abbey, Welwyn Garden City,

If there is any system within the water treatment industry that l have not mentioned, that you require, please give me a call on 01354 740896 0r 07534 419276


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